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Installing Featurebase

Find a suitable place on your website and add a link to your feedback portal: https://yourorg.featurebase.app

In-app example

Want to use your own domain instead?(e.g https://feedback.yourwebsite.com)

Connect your custom domain

Automatically authenticate your users and link their data to posts via our SDK

Available with the Growth plan

By using our SDK, you can automatically log users into Featurebase and sync their data for a seamless experience.

We highly recommend doing this step as it saves users from having to create a new account and provides you with valuable context on their feedback.

To set it up, start by importing our SDK:


As a last step, add the data-featurebase-link attribute to all links on your website that link to your Featurebase portal. This will ensure that users are automatically logged in.


Congratulations, you've successfully installed Featurebase! 🎉 Your users will now be automatically logged in when they click a link to visit your Featurebase portal.

Next, we recommend including the user's company info, so you can sort ideas based on upvoter monthly spend and other company data.Add company data →
Featurebase will not automatically log in admins. Please use a non-admin account when testing this feature.

Other recommended steps

Changelog WidgetShowcase your latest changes with our embeddable widget.
Single Sign-OnOnly allow users to authenticate with your own app's login system.