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This feature requires that you have already set up our SDK.
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You may want to perform some actions once a user has been successfully identified. For example, you may want to redirect them to your board once the identify call has completed.

Each identify call takes a callback parameter that runs once the identify function is finished.


Adding metadata to feedback posts

You can attach metadata to user feedback to provide additional context about the users session (e.g. App version, Device type, etc) from all the widgets that support feedback posting.

To set it up, pass a metadata object to the feedback, all-in-one or the board embed widget.

The data object must be a key-value pair of strings. Here's an example:


Extra: Adding metadata without a widget

When using Featurebase via the public url (or as a WebView on a mobile app), you can pass the metadata to the url. It will be attached to the user's session and included when they post feedback.