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Changelog Widget & Popup

Add a lightweight changelog widget that opens as a popup on page visit or can be manually triggered as a dropdown. Keeping your users up to date has never been easier.

All-in-one widget


The widget can be installed using our JavaScript SDK.

Both the popup and the dropdown version are available from the same function and can be used separately or together.


Triggering the dropdown view

Add data-featurebase-changelog attribute to a button on your website to open the widget.

If you wish to show the amount of unread updates, add <span id="fb-update-badge"></span> inside the button.

To conditionally render the badge, you can check if the value returned from window.Featurebase("unviewed_changelog_count") is greater than 0.


Triggering the popup view

If you set the fullscreenPopup option to true, the widget will open as a fullscreen popup on page load when there are new updates.

All the logic is handled on our end and there's no extra implementation needed from you.

How it works: When a user visits your app, it will first store all the previous changelogs as already viewed. When they come back, all new changelogs from that initial visit will be shown as a popup.

The state is stored in the browser's local storage, so it will persist across sessions.

What if I want to trigger the popup view manually on button click?

That can also be done by calling:


Before that, make sure to also include the following params to the initialize_changelog_widget function: