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Survey Setup

Use Featurebase surveys to collect feedback from your users and measure customer satisfaction.

Survey widget


The survey widget can be installed using our JavaScript SDK.


Triggering the survey

After the widget is installed, each survey will trigger automatically based on the settings you have configured in the Featurebase dashboard.

Adding user data

If you are already using our SDK identify functionality, then all the data about the user will be automatically connected to the Survey widget as well.

As an additional option, you could generate a JWT token on your server and pass it to the initialize_survey_widget function.

Adding user via a JWT

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  • Log in to see your private key: xxxxxx

    Store it on your server and make sure not to share it with anyone!
  • When a user wants to view the Featurebase iframe, send a request to your server to generate a JWT token.
  • On your server, generate a JWT token with your customer data using the example below.
  • Finally, give this JWT token to the Featurebase iframe for authentication.

Install required packages


Generate the JWT token


Validate your JWT Token

Paste one of your generated tokens here to check if you did everything correctly.

You must be logged in to check if your token is valid.

For safety, Single Sign-On tokens can't log in users who are admins of any Featurebase organization. These users will have to sign in by themselves.